New York Times expands access to mobile content

The New York Times‘(s nyt) ever-evolving paywall strategy took another turn today as the paper announced that non-subscribers will now be able to read up to three articles a day across all sections on mobile devices.

This is a shift from the current model in which a handful of “top news” stories are open to all but the rest of the app content is available only to subscribers. (Times-loving cheapskates: you can also use the mobile browsers instead of the app to get up to ten articles a month).

The new mobile meter scheme, which will also apply to Flipboard, also coincides with a 7-day trial in which readers can get all of the Times goodies for free; after that, they will presumably be asked to subscribe.

The new app plan comes as mobile content consumption continues to rise. It also reflects the Times’ sophisticated approach to paywalls and pricing which, in the last year, has seen the paper eliminate easy work-arounds to the paywall (the Times prefers “pay-gate”) and propose the introduction of lower-priced subscriptions around certain bundles of content.