Why data centers need to be built for a changing future

Data centers are changing fast. The rapidly blooming reliance on cloud computing and big data means the centers must update constantly to keep up. Companies like Amazon (s amzn) and Google (s goog) custom-build huge server farms meant to be as powerful, but cheap, as possible.

In his Wednesday presentation at GigaOM’s Structure conference, AppliedMicro President and CEO Paramesh Gopi said hardware builders must “future proof” their products. Companies like AppliedMicro, which produces semiconductors, will have to show server builders that they can contribute to a malleable product.

“Software drives hardware. We are no longer at the point where we have Windows and an x86 architecture drive innovation,” Gopi said. “We need to have a little more cognizance of what will happen two, three years from now.”

Gopi said seeing into the future is now made possible by the open source movement, which allows manufacturers to see innovations coming down the line.

“This strategy would not have worked 7 years ago,” Gopi said.

Check out the rest of our Structure 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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