Digital First Media partners with NewsCred for content boost

Two of the more forward-looking companies in the digital news space announced a strategic partnership today: the venture arm of Digital First Media will sign up with syndication service NewsCred to rapidly scale new content verticals.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the players, Digital First Media is a legacy newspaper company with a large presence in California and the Northeast. Its fire-brand CEO, John Paton, has said he loves newspapers but that “newspapers don’t love me anymore” and that “you’re an idiot” if you think print isn’t going away.

NewsCred, meanwhile, is a technology-heavy syndication service that has quietly built an impressive array of partnerships with everyone from Bloomberg to the New York Times. The company this year received another $15 million in funding, and is becoming a go-to for everyone from brands to news websites looking for quality content.

Digital First, which has said it must double its $165 million in digital ad revenue in three years, said the NewsCred partnership will allow it to build new content areas in a short time. The company did not disclose specifics of its strategy but one can imagine a scenario where it will tap into its customer data in order to funnel existing newspaper subscribers into its growing digital properties.