Nasuni centralizes storage management for far-flung organizations

Nasuni, which bills itself as the cloud storage manager for distributed enterprises, now offers a way to centralize management of all those data depostis.

The Natick, Mass.-based company, abstracts the actual data itself away from the storage controller and eliminated the need for the user to provision, back-up and replicate all that data. But the user still had to log into each Nasuni Filer to monitor the various systems. That changes with the advent of the Nasuni Management Console (NMC), Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez (pictured above) said in a recent interview. It rolls up all those separate dashboards into one screen, a central place to look at all your data and to manage it globally, he said.

The goal is to offer all the nodes of a hub-and-spoke corporate organization to have the same, fast access to their data and to spin up more capacity fast as needed — again, all from one central dashboard.

That is indeed a big deal in the cloud era where more organizations have more distributed information, said Forrester Research(s forr) analyst Henry Baltazar.

There is no additional charge for NMC — Nasuni charges based on network capacity used, not for endpoints or controllers. Nasuni claims customers include Fairchild Semiconductor(s fcs) and VistaPrint.

Nasuni competes with companies like PanzuraTwinStrata and StorSimple (now part Microsoft) that all enable companies to put their data into public or private clouds and manage it there.

Nasuni Management Console

Nasuni Management Console