3 signs you’ve left your job: creator of “BuzzFeed Lists” departs

Scott Lamb, the man who created BuzzFeed’s infamous listicles — such as “56 Cats you are so excited to see you” — has quietly left the company, a source informed paidContent.
Lamb had been with BuzzFeed since almost its inception, holding the title of managing editor from 2007 until he became editorial director in late 2012. Executive editor, Ben Smith, confirmed the departure by email but did not supply any context:
“Scott is one of the best journalists, and the most creative editors, I’ve ever worked with, and he laid much of the foundation for what BuzzFeed is now.”
Update: Lamb, who Gizmodo has called one of the “25 most viral people on the internet,” provided the following comment:
“I can’t comment beyond saying it’s a new project, with more details to come soon. I’m excited to watch BuzzFeed’s continued meteoric rise from sidelines with the rest of the internet.”
Lamb’s departure comes at a time when BuzzFeed is growing rapidly; in the last year, the site has forged partnerships with established media outlets like CNN and the New York Times.