Kreyos Meteor smartwatch aims to be the Star Trek communicator of our time

Even if you’re not a fan of the Star Trek television series and movies, surely you’re familiar with the famed communicator that preceded our modern smartphones. In original series from the 1960’s it was a flip-phone type of device and was later reborn in the 1980’s as a wearable gadget: One tap and you could hold a hands-free conversation. With wireless technology continuing to improve, this fiction could become reality if the Kreyos smartwatch delivers on its promise.


Kreyos is a new Indiegogo project seeking $100,000 in funding for production of its Meteor smartwatch. The small device is modular so that it can be worn as a watch, on a clip or on a bicycle. And through low energy Bluetooth 4.0, it can connect to an iPhone(s aapl), Android(s goog) or Windows Phone(s msft) handset, essentially becoming a way to have phone conversations like a handsfree speaker.
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The key here for Kreyos is integrating with the various smartphone platform voice control systems. For example, when you pair the Meteor with an iPhone (s aapl), you can interact with Siri through the device. That enables call activities, messaging, web searches and more by speaking to the wearable device. You’ll still need to carry your phone, of course, for these features.
But Kreyos offers a little standalone functionality too, much like the Motorola MotoACTV device I wear. Apps for the Meteor can take advantage of the ANT+ sensor support so the watch can read data from a wireless heart monitor. A built-in pedometer in the Meteor can track steps, distance, and speed for walking or running.
kreyos hanger
Also interesting is the 3-axis gyroscope in the Meteor. With the right software support, the watch can be used for gesture control. Want to skip a music track on your phone? Twist your wrist quickly to make it happen.
I’m still not sold on a high quality phone conversation with a device on my wrist, but Kreyos does show potential. And I like the modularity aspect because you can wear the Meteor on a clip, a hanger or as a watch. The device is expected to cost $169 when it debuts in November. Early backers can get the product, along with accessories at a discount now.
As of this writing, the project has already surpassed 70 percent of its goal and still has 46 days of fund-raising left, so clearly, Kreyos has struck a chord with many.