Aereo is hitting new markets…slowly

One of the problems for Aereo gaining broad public awareness has been the simple fact that it has only been available for most of its life in New York City. Sure, launching in the media capital of the world is probably a good place to start, but overall it’s hard for most of us to get excited about a service that isn’t in our city.
But that’s slowly changing (emphasis on slowly). The disruptive OTA to OTT company is putting the massive funding round it got last year to work and has already entered the Boston and Atlanta market, and today the company announced it will be launching in Chicago in September.
However, as of now the company hasn’t announced any dates for the West Coast and seems to be moving fairly slowly into new markets. At the time of the funding, the company talked about plans for significant expansion this year, but I am wondering if the reality of launching in large markets like Chicago and the continued battle on the legal front are slowing the company down a little.
In all, the company identified 22 new markets at the time of funding, but at the pace it’s going it may hit less than 10 or so this year.