Leverage the cloud to “meet” in the document

If your company is like many, having meetings about meetings is not uncommon. And it is probably fair to say that most meetings rarely come to meaningful, actionable conclusions. Finding resolution among five people in a room can be challenging enough. But what if your job involves reviewing and commenting on technical drawings and documents and coordinating with multiple internal and external project team members? How do you successfully coordinate a meeting with the 50 or 100 individuals whose input must be received, processed and resolved within hours? To keep a project on schedule, technical professionals in the office or in the field don’t need yet another meeting. These professionals need shared access to files that can be edited by all stakeholders on the fly with real-time feedback on one digital master set.
To address these needs, Bluebeam® Software has developed Revu, a PDF-based markup and collaboration solution for document-intensive industries. Revu’s integrated cloud technology, Bluebeam Studio™, allows users to store, access and edit files in the cloud, even if internet connectivity is lost, from a desktop, tablet PC or iPad. Within Studio, multiple project team members can access documents simultaneously, contribute any number of comments necessary to solve project conflicts within days — instead of weeks — and automatically track who said what and when.
Firms leveraging Bluebeam’s anywhere, anytime PDF markup capabilities to host document-based conversations in the cloud have reported increases in productivity of up to 60 percent. Isn’t that worth redefining what makes a successful meeting?