Mission: Translating Amazon “cloud speak” for CIO, CEOs and other mere mortals

The beauty of Amazon Web Services (s amzn) is the rich variety of features offered. The downside of all that is it’s hard for non-techies to look at their AWS dashboard and figure out what’s really going on “up there.” Cloudyn says its new AWS Detailed Billing feature will change that.
“We need to slice cloud in a way that our customers understand,” not in just a list of AWS Reserved or spot instances,” said Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn, based in Raanana, Israel.  “We’ve added a layer to let CEOs and CIOs link their cloud components into their organizations and hierarchies.”
That means, in theory,  a business unit manager or application owner that runs Memcache would see those related resources in terminology he or she understands and optimize just those resources as needed.
There are a half dozen third parties offering AWS optimization and cost parsing services and they’re always leapfrogging each other in functionality,  but Amazon’s own Trusted Advisor, which provides some of those services, looms over the market.
At GigaOM Structure last week, when asked about the growing complexity of running and monitoring AWS services, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said:

… We need to make things simpler, simpler to use for our customers definitely is something that we’ve been pushing for a while. But on the other hand, customers also ask us for more SKUs. If you look at the things that we’ve launched in the past year, the high I/O instance, high memory instances, massive storage machines. We’re extending things in the direction as well across Amazon’s quest force. You can’t have won without the other, but we can do I think a little better in terms of helping our customers making the right decisions.

But it’ s not just Trusted Advisor these third parties have to worry about. Another giant, Netflix, just open sourced its own AWS tracking and management tool for companies that want to adapt it to their own needs. Netflix(s nflx) is perhaps Amazon’s largest customer and knows a lot about deploying and managing those services.
The hope of companies like Cloudyn is that AWS will continue to just offer basic monitoring. As for Netflix Ice, Wagner said that’s fine for company devops who like to “play with open source and have a lot of time on their hands. I just don’t know any devops with time on their hands.”
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