Podcast: Freak out! ZigBee and Z-Wave are doomed!

The internet of things has been possible for a while, but there hasn’t been an open platform that makes it easy to develop services and applications that use connected devices or the data generated by connected devices. Rob Chandhok of Qualcomm likens the current status of the internet of things to the AOL and Compuserve era of the web. It’s closed and it needs a platform to open things up and spur rapid innovation.
Qualcomm has a platform play that it hopes could jumpstart this open era, but regardless of that taking off, Chandhok shares his thoughts on the eventual separation of the access technologies from the devices and services (no more picking a wireless protocol!) and the death of ZigBee and Z-Wave as protocols for the connected home and industry. We also lay out new strategies for devices to connect and talk to each other because no one wants to have to individually program each and every light bulb or switch in their home.
Chandhok discusses all of this and more in his new role as president of Qualcomm’s Interactive Platforms Division on this week’s podcast.
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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm Interactive Platforms division

  • The internet of things is in need of a common platform, that will transform it from the AOL and Compuserve era to an open garden
  • Qualcomm’s entry in this is the All Joyn platform, and a bit about other standards
  • Freak out! Within three years your ZigBee and Z-Wave devices will be obsolete

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