Beloved iOS RSS app Reeder goes totally free, with updates to come (but not by July 1)

I love the iOS (s AAPL) RSS app Reeder, and as the death of Google Reader approaches (July 1!), I’ve been a little worried about Reeder’s fate despite the fact that the app’s creator, Silvio Rizzi, promised it would live on.
Now we have a few updates: Rizzi posts on Reeder’s site┬áthat all three versions of Reeder — Mac, iPad and iPhone — “will get major updates. Unfortunately, these won’t be ready for July 1st. Sorry about that.” In other words, if you’re already using Reeder, stay tuned and don’t go away, but on July 1 you’ll need a different solution for the time being (here are our suggestions).
Rizzi had already made the Mac and iPad versions of Reeder free while he worked on updates; as of Thursday, the iPhone app, which had been $2.99, is free as well. Rizzi says that an iPhone app update has already been submitted to iTunes and tweeted a screenshot of the services it will sync with, including Feedly:

The same services will be supported by the iPad app, but Rizzi said that one needs more work. No word yet on whether the desktop version of Reeder will support these services.