Goldman Sachs invests $100M in 13-year-old big data firm

Last year, we highlighted a 13-year-old company called Applied Predictive Technologies that boasts a who’s who list of large retailers using its cloud service to help guide nearly every marketing decision with data. On Friday, the company said it is has secured a $100 million investment from the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.
Here’s how I described APT’s business model in an April 2012 post highlighting the rise of data-centric marketing services:

“APT does this by collecting lots of client data — pretty much everything related to sales transactions, as well as demographic, geographic, competitive and other info — and enabling customers to figure out the business impact of any given decision. Those decisions … can be anything from where to target a specific promotion to advertise online or in print or to repaint the inside or the outside of a restaurant.
“And APT users can ask question at any point in the process. For example, they can try to predict outcomes by analyzing similar decisions in branches with similar attributes, or they can analyze the outcome of a particular campaign and find out how, and why, it worked out or didn’t work out.”

According to the APT press release, The Goldman Sachs investment represents a substantial but still minority stake in the company. The company’s other major shareholder is private equity firm Accel-KKR.