HP accelerates public cloud adoption with new enterprise-grade capabilities

Running enterprise-grade applications in the public cloud is topic of discussion these days within IT departments across the globe. Requirements often cited include greater computing bandwidth and scalability to accommodate the increasing amounts of information being generated.
HP Cloud Services just announced additions to HP’s public cloud to address the increasing data influx and help with the transition to the public cloud. Significant new features to HP’s public cloud based on OpenStack® technology include:
•Big data and high-performance computing (HPC) support
•Virtual private cloud network capabilities
•Custom image upload
•Bulk import services for cloud storage
These new offerings meet the needs of sophisticated cloud computing customers. Supporting custom images and compute instances as big as 120 GB of RAM with 16 cores ensures big data and HPC customers can use the public cloud to handle the most demanding workloads. Virtual private cloud functionality (VPC) provides enhanced isolation and security, enabling customers to isolate virtual networks creating networking links directly to their on-premise networks.
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