Minimizing noise by increasing trust

Brad Overnell-Carter (@braddo) is an educator in Vancover, and he makes some smart comments regarding trust and noise:

Brad Overnell-Carter, The Perfect Communications App
If trust is high, we don’t have to bother people with details. We let them get on with the work trusting it will be done right and done on time and trusting that if it can’t be done right or on time that we will hear about it in timely fashion.

This is an echo of the principles of swift trust, where people in a project assume that the others will perform their part of the work as professionally as possible and therefore can apply their efforts to their own tasks and not an endless round of status updates.
Increasing our trust of others is a way of loosening ties, and it is just that loosening that is needed to become faster: faster in response to the unforeseen, and faster in executing against plans.
There is no way to step up to the higher-order performance of fast-and-loose business without a dramatic increase in trust and a significant curtailing of certain types of communication, which look like noise from the fast-and-loose perspective.