Buccaneer 3D printer closes Kickstarter campaign with hefty $1.4M in funding

The Buccaneer 3D printer closed its Kickstarter campaign over the weekend, having raised $1,438,765 in 30 days. That’s nearly 15 times the original goal of $100,000.
Designer Pirate3D plans to ship the printer to more than 3,000 people between December and April. Backers bought the machine for $247 or $347–an ultra-low price compared to other brands, such as the MakerBot Replicator 2 and Formlabs Form 1 that cost thousands of dollars.
Pirate3D traded the open, industrial look of printers like the Replicator 2 for an enclosed, brushed aluminum casing that looks right at home next to a Macbook. It prints with the same resolution as the Replicator 2 but has a much smaller volume, reducing the range of objects it can print.
Buccaneer 3D printer
Pirate3D hit its original funding goal in 10 minutes when the Buccaneer launched in late May. It’s not the first 3D printer to raise $1 million or more in funding. The Form 1 garnered nearly $3 million late last year, and the 3Doodler pen closed with $2.3 million in March.
A few days before the campaign ended, Pirate3D revealed intentions to get the Buccaneer into big-box stores. While that would help with its goal of getting a 3D printer into every home, it could also push the $347 price tag higher.
“While Kickstarter has allowed us to put the Buccaneer out into the world, this is still merely a small foothold towards what we are trying to achieve,” they wrote in an update on Kickstarter. “Many are either still unaware of 3D printers or do not have a convenient means of procuring one.”
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