Apple’s quest for the iWatch trademark expands

The number of countries Apple(s AAPL) has applied for a trademark on the name iWatch is much larger than previously thought. The total of known places is now six, and most of them were applied for around the same time: early June.
9to5Mac found applications for hardware and software under the name iWatch in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey. That follows news from Monday that Apple applied for the iWatch trademark in Russia, and previously in Japan.
The news of the filings has generated a lot of excitement among the Apple community because it portends the first completely new product category for Apple since the original iPad launched in 2010. Earlier reports claimed Apple would launch the device this year, though 2014 may be more likely.
When Apple does get around to making one, however, this won’t be a repeat of the iPod, iPhone or iPad situation where it’s three to five years ahead of the competition: it is going to be an increasingly crowded market, as Samsung, Google(s GOOG) and others are also vying for wearable device supremacy.