First HBO & ESPN, now Time Warner Cable channels said to be coming to Apple TV

Apple(s AAPL) and Time Warner Cable(s TWC) are close to bringing new channels of cable programming to Apple TV, according to a report of the talks fromĀ Bloomberg. The offering would likely be similar to the TWC Live app that the cable operator already offers on the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, which includes on-demand access to shows that air on the company’s channels.
Should the companies strike a deal — neither has confirmed the talks yet, but TWC has reportedly hired a former Hulu executive to negotiate — the content on Apple TV would only be available to current subscribers to the cable channel. That’s the case with the iOS app, and is also the same kind of deal Apple struck with HBO(s TWX) for HBO Go and Disney(s DIS) for watchESPN on Apple TV, both announced last last month.
The need for a subscription to watch shows on Apple TV is still not a cord-cutter’s dream, but the kinds of deals Apple has been striking lately with premium content owners lately should make the $99 Apple set-top box more attractive to buyers and compete better with Xbox, Roku and others.