GigaOM’s first speakers announced for Structure:Europe, London

This September GigaOM will take the stage at Structure:Europe with CERN, ESA and other leading minds to discuss their experiences with the global cloud.
GigaOM’s second European conference will dive into some of the biggest emerging topics in cloud, data and privacy, especially as they impact the European enterprise and startup markets. Here’s a look at some of the topics we’ll be covering:
Does open data = open for business?
In an era of consumer privacy concerns, the U.K. government has promised to open up public data for developer and citizen benefit. Hear from speakers like Bruno Silva of the Open Data Initiative and learn how government supervision will impact private and public collaborators in an era of radical transparency. What lessons can be learned for other countries looking to make data more accessible and usable for all?
Privacy, the cloud and you
The key to unlocking cloud services in Europe is navigation of data policies that keep information within national borders. Hear from the companies like Amazon, ElasticHosts and Flexiant and learn whether North American or European providers are better prepared to succeed.
Startups: launch in London
In London, we’re rolling out the Startup Zone, a signature opportunity for startups to get on the conference stage, into a closed-door mentoring session with our editors and more. Our writers will be handpicking 24 startups to participate. Click here to learn more and apply: The deadline is July 19.
Join us to discuss best practices, take the stage with us to discuss the market opportunity for those up to the challenge, or demo your latest build at Structure:Euruope with GigaOM this September. Don’t get left behind in the race to the global cloud: Register now.