The meta-quantified self: Argus app for iOS tracks all your health-tracking apps

Wearable devices that record our every breath, heartbeat, step and bite of food are a rapidly growing category. But while we’re busy quantifying our health via various devices eventually comes the question of how one person gets a single picture of their overall health status. Health monitoring company Azumio thinks it has the answer with its new iOS(s aapl) app called Argus.
Argus honeycombArgus is free and available for the iPhone starting Wednesday. The app pulls in your health data from a variety of devices, such as the Withings scale and the MapMyFitness app, as well as other iOS apps from Azumio and others, and displays it all in a timeline of activity.
It also uses the iPhone’s own sensors for information: it will record a user’s walking, running and biking pace and distance on a map.  Another interesting feature that seems a lot easier than any other diet-tracking app is the food photo option. Argus users can take pictures of their meal, tag the food groups represented, and Azumio says the app will spit out data about the user’s eating habits — without having to input portion size or specific ingredients.
The goal is to give users context about what these different sensors are telling you. Pressing on one of the data sources on your in-app timeline will automatically pick out other relevant sources of your health data and give you a read out with context about how they relate to each other.
For example, you might know how many calories you’ve eaten, but how does that relate to the number of steps you’ve taken, and the number of beers you had last night? Azumio claims it will be able to bring all of this information together in a way that’s actually useful.
Argus is just the latest app from Azumio, which began building apps for both iOS and Android(s GOOG) to capitalize on the growing health-tracking trend back in 2011. In addition to the all-in-one Argus, there’s also apps for everything from stress management to glucose monitoring, sleep-tracking and general fitness.