Games for the weekend: MotoHeroz

Games for the Weekend is a weekly feature aimed at helping you avoid doing something constructive with your downtime. Each Friday we’ll be recommending a game for Mac, iPhone or iPad that we think is awesome. Here is one cool enough to keep you busy during this weekend.

MotoHerozMotoHeroz ($0.99 iPhone, $0.99 iPad) is a side-scrolling, time trial racing game that will have you tumbling forward and backward on your way to the finish line.  Sometimes you will tumble quickly to victory, and other times you will tumble slowly to your defeat.

The goal of MotoHeroz is to be the best. And being the best means completing each level with the fastest time score possible. From the very beginning, you are challenged by a ghost racer. These ghost racers are actually play backs of recorded runs from other Game Center member’s best runs for the level you are playing. Pushing you to go faster with each run, the ghost racer that challenges you is constantly changing with each new level.


As you better your time with each run on a particular level, you also earn additional stars and coins. The stars are used to unlock new levels and worlds and the coins are used to purchase upgrades for your race car. Within a given world, you cannot advance to the next level without earning at least one star on the previous level. The same is not true when it comes to unlocking new worlds. You must go back and earn two or more stars on a couple of levels in the previous world before the next world is unlocked. The time you need to beat in order to earn additional stars is posted for each level.  To achieve the fastest times, you will need a little help along the way.


To help you complete each of the 30 levels spread across six different worlds in the game, there are special items placed just before you take on a new challenge. There are springs placed before long jumps, nitro boost packs placed before steep inclines, and jet packs placed when you must rocket your racer high into the air over formidable obstacles.

Getting the timing down on picking up any one of these special items and knowing when is best to use them is part of the challenge of the game. Some levels have no special items whereas other levels have multiple special items to pick up. As you take practice runs on each level, you start to figure out a good sequence to maximize your speed.


Also hidden on each level is a treasure chest full of coins. If you are finding it too challenging to get past a certain level with the racer you are driving, it may be time to spend some of your coins and upgrade. The upgrades you purchase with the coins you earned will make each of the six different racers in the game go even faster. This will help increase your top speed, accelerate faster from a dead stop, and even increase the amount of boost you get when using the special items strategically positioned on each level. These upgrades are necessary if you want to earn the challenging three star award on each level.

Making the game more personal, you can create and join friend racing leagues.  You can name these leagues and stage your own competitions. When your Game Center friends join your league, the ghost racers you race against on each level will no longer be random, they will be the best races that your friends have performed on each level. This allows you to race against your friends, even when they are not online at the same time you are.


Another great feature of the game is called One Shot challenges. This sets up a daily challenge where you compete for the best time against other Game Center players. Think of it like a big race where Game Center players from around the world meet daily and compete with one another to set the best time of the day.

The reward is a bunch of coins that you can then use to upgrade each of the racers you have unlocked in preparation for the next day’s big event. Don’t get too proud of your times early in the day, as competition picks up considerably toward the end of each day’s event.