Developer GlassBattle shows how gamers might use Google Glass

It seems like every day there’s a new Google Glass app aimed at showcasing the potential of the wearable computing device. The latest is from developer BrickSimple, who has released an app that explores one of the most important components of mobile: gaming.
The company on Sunday released a demo of GlassBattle, a Battleship-like multiplayer game that enables users to call out missile coordinates and keep track of the game while doing everyday things like shopping.
GlassBattle is a fully completed and functional Glass application developed using Google’s Mirror API, offering synchronous turn-based multi-player games over a consistent internet connection. The ships for GlassBattle are assigned randomly on a 7-square-by-7-square grid, and each player can call airstrikes simply by speaking the coordinates of the target. Both users can study two grids — one with moves they have made and one with the moves the opponent has made — for blue “miss” squares and red “hit’ circles to plot their next move.
Of course, since this is Google Glass, the game itself only takes up a portion of the screen (on the righthand side), leaving the user to go about their lives and do other activities while the game is going on.
Check out the demo of the game below:
GlassBattle is just another example of how developers are utilizing Glass to display and send information. Whether it’s checking the temperature on your Nest thermostat or turning auto climate on in your Tesla Model S, developers have fully embraced Glass’s capabilities — and each app shows a new side to how the technology can be further utilized. GlassBattle isn’t the only app Brick Simple has developed since it gained access to the API. Another app, VoteGlass, offers political organizers a way to access databases on the go, and DriveGlass is a display for driving.
Of course, the apps available for Glass stil lack live data, but they indicate how robust the overall library will be by the time Glass reaches the public sometime next year.
Because of severe user caps on Glass’s mirror API, BrickSimple is only able to distribute GlassBattle to a handful of users per day. But once that limit is lifted, expect plenty of Glassholes to be commanding their missiles while eating lunch or taking a stroll through the park.
BrickSimple is a mobile app development company that focuses on early SDK development for devices, and was one of the original early seed developers for the iPhone.