The massive London Array offshore wind farm is finally done and it’s awesome

After four years under construction, with 175 massive wind turbines from Siemens, England’s game-changing offshore wind power farm, the London Array, is finally complete. The farm, one of the largest in the world, is about 20 kilometers (12 and a half miles) off the coasts of Kent and Essex, and covers an area that is about 100 square kilometers (38 square miles).
The London Array can provide 630MW of electricity, which is about the size of a large coal or nuclear plant, and can power over half-a-million homes in the U.K. per year. It is feeding directly into London — hence the name — and is helping England meet its carbon emissions reduction targets.
British Prime Minister David Cameron officially inaugurated the London Array late last week. Power companies Dong Energy and E.ON own 50 percent and 30 percent respectively, and Masdar owns 20 percent.
Building the giant offshore wind farm hasn’t been without controversy — back in 2008, oil giant Shell, which was one of the original backers, pulled out of the deal, leaving the farm’s construction uncertain.
It’s hard to imagine how powerful the London Array is without seeing its size and scale. Here’s a variety of photos that the group released late last week:

Updated at 2:40 PM BST with the square miles of the area that the London Array spans across.