iOS 7 beta yields clues about Apple’s new in-car feature

After just a brief mention of a new integrated iOS in the Car feature at WWDC last month, the iOS 7 beta is providing more clues as to how the product may work.
Hamza Sood, who has access to the updated version of the iOS 7 beta released Monday, wrote on Twitter (via AppleInsider):

Sood says these settings were found under the AirPlay menu of the iPhone running iOS 7. If these settings remain in iOS 7 by the time it’s finally released in the fall, it will mean that iOS in the Car will allow the iPhone to beam content via AirPlay to the car’s dash or display.
This is consistent with the few details that we do have about iOS in the Car. At WWDC Apple said the feature would allow iOS device owners to “get the iOS interface on your car’s dashboard.” This is a step up from Apple’s(s aapl) current in-car product, Siri EyesFree, which is simply a voice control mode on the phone.
AirPlay would put the Maps, Music Player, Messages app and more right on an in-car display. And like EyesFree, iOS in the Car will allow users to control their device with their voice only, playing music, asking for mapping directions, and dictating iMessages and emails and having them read aloud.
If AirPlay is involved, it means cars will need integrated Wi-Fi, and that’s something that the automakers will have to start building into their cars. Apple said that it has already signed up Ferrari,┬áHonda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Chevrolet, Infinity, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, Opel, Jaguar Land Rover and Acura to put iOS in the Car into their vehicles by 2014.