UK-based accounting firms slow on the cloud computing up-take

According to a new study by Thomson Reuters, “Just three out of ten accountancy companies will be implementing cloud computing by the end of 2013, while other areas will be using it much more, with seven out of ten businesses in the UK integrating some form of virtualization.”
The survey questioned 1,300 accountancy organizations and found that several companies in the accountancy sector are on the road to introducing cloud computing.  Indeed, “some 11 per cent of respondents claimed they are planning to use virtualization technology in their practices, while around 23 per cent said they expect cloud computing to host all, or at least some, of their workloads in the next year.”
These numbers lag behind most rank-and-file businesses, and the typical migration to cloud computing.  However, it’s not unexpected to find that accounting firms, who are traditionally conservative, are slow to move to cloud computing.  Much like here in the States, the issues around security, privacy, and regulatory concerns are delaying the movement to cloud computing.