GigaOM Chrome Show: Hot MMO action and Chrome keeps growing up

Can you seriously play MMO games on a Chromebook(s goog)? Of course you can and we’ve got a list of 30 different titles to share on this week’s GigaOM Chrome Show podcast. But the Chrome OS isn’t all about fun and games. How can someone who works in a Windows-centric job migrate to a Chrome device. It’s not as difficult as it seems.
We also discuss the six new APIs that Chrome Packaged Apps are gaining because they’ll make these software titles even more like native apps with improved hardware access and better online services. Our extension of the week can help you manage power settings on Chromebooks; not much, but it’s a start. And Windows(s msft) for Chrome finally gets Chrome notifications.
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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht
Chromium gains a half-dozen new APIs to make Packaged Apps better.
Got Chrome on Windows? The stable channel now supports notifications.
Notifications could (and should!) be synchronized in the future for Chrome.
Good Chrome deal: Check Best Buy(s bbuy), which is selling refurbished Samsung Chromebooks for $169.99
Want some hot MMO action on your Chromebook? Here are 30 options.
Chromebook tip from Pocketables: Keyboard shortcuts for Page Up, Page Down, Home and End.
How does an Office-centric enterprise worker migrate to Chrome OS?
Need a Pixel case? Google now sells one in the Play Store (but it’s made for the MacBook!)
Extension of the week: Keep Awake (Thanks for the find,