Promise of a faster, safer mobile web gets Yottaa $16M from Intel

Yottaa, a Boston-based startup trying to make websites better distributing performance and security infrastructure across the globe, has raised a $16 million venture capital led by Intel Capital.
The promise behind Yottaa is perhaps especially relevant in a world where so many people consume websites on their mobile devices. Your wired desktop might be able to handle poorly built websites, but a smartphone browser on a congested network is going to have problems. Yottaa targets small and medium-sized business that can’t afford to pay CDN providers like Akamai (s akam) or but expensive gear for application acceleration.

Yottaa's CDN network

Yottaa’s CDN network

Yottaa is, in many ways, similar to the popular CloudFlare service. It offers a CDN, site optimization, firewall, DNS and other services distributed across 30 locations around the world, in theory minimizing latency by serving requests from geographically optimal. Yottaa launched exclusively atop cloud computing infrastructure but is now starting to run on physical hardware.
Yottaa launched in April 2011 and has raised a total of $30 million. Its previous investors include General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners and Cambridge West Ventures.