Meet creators of next-generation mobility at Mobilize this October

With the ubiquity of handsets and mobile behaviors continually trending upward, GigaOM’s Mobilize conference will examine the innovation hotspots in mobility today.

This October meet the faces of next-generation mobility to discuss the opportunities in new mobile interfaces like smart watches, health sensors and Google Glass and the challenges of mining mobile data and perfecting the user experience. Here are a few of the topics we’ll be tackling and a sampling of the innovators who will be joining us onstage:

Rise of the machines: the internet of things and the industrial internet

We’ve tracked connectivity as it continues to grow at breathtaking speed; integrated sensors spreading, the proliferation of the quantified self and the growth of big data tools. But with this flood of information comes new challenges for infrastructure providers and engineers attempting to harness the potential of the internet of things. Bill Ruh will talk about GE’s vision for the industrial internet, while Alex Hawkinson will describe how SmartThings is bridging the physical and digital home.

The future of mobile: data and computing everywhere

Mobile devices have become the new standard: ever-present and always on, mobile data and network connections have become the new information backbone. How does data inform user experience, and how are Wi-Fi networks redefining BYOB (bring your own bandwidth)? Hear from Karma’s Steven van Wel, Netflix’s Tom Yellin and PARC’s Mike Kuniavsky about how they’re addressing this new convergence now and what their vision is for the future.

Join GigaOM at Mobilize this October as we explore the next wave of mobile. Register early and save.