Scoop: Intel’s upcoming TV service is going to be called OnCue

Intel’s (s INTC) TV service, which the company’s Intel Media unit plans to launch before the end of the year, is going to be called OnCue, GigaOM has learned. The company has applied for trademarks for OnCue around the globe and tasked ad agency OMD to prepare the official introduction of the brand.
Intel is planning to launch a TV service before the end of the year that is meant to compete with traditional cable TV services by offering live TV feeds as well as a catch-up service and on-demand programming. The service will be available through a dedicated device, which the company is going to sell online as well as through traditional retailers. Intel hasn’t revealed the name of the offering yet, but the company has been quietly preparing to launch it under the OnCue brand.

OnCue's logo looks a bit like a play button mixed with a circle - if you squint.

OnCue’s logo looks a bit like a play button mixed with a circle – if you squint.

In May, a shell company called Sest Inc. registered three trademarks related to OnCue with the US Patent and Trademark office. These registrations include mentions of subscription services for TV channels and TV programs and movies delivered to set-top boxes and handheld computers.
Remarkable about the registrations is that they’re almost identical to trademarks filed earlier this year by Intel for the word mark “Intel Inside & Out.” In fact, some parts are copied word-by-word, like the part about OnCue “providing text, data, image, audio, video, gaming and multimedia content for a fee or pre-paid subscription.”
But those aren’t the only similarities. Sest Inc. has also been busy filing a number of trademark applications outside of the U.S., including in Canada, Mexico and Europe. At least in Europe, the company relied on the same attorney for the filing that has also filed numerous other Intel trademarks in the past, including the original Intel Inside filing.
The final connection between Intel and Sest comes from OMD, a branding and ad agency that has been working with Intel for some time. OMD’s Intel account director recently added the following line to his resume:

“Developed and lead the launch of Intel Media’s groundbreaking new consumer device, OnCue; an “over-the-top” TV service joining streaming-video players and a full array of Network and Cable TV channels.”

Intel executives have said in the past that the TV service will feature its own brand, but that it will be tied to Intel’s legacy brand, so it’s likely that the service will launch as OnCue, powered by Intel Inside & Out, or something like that.
OnCue does actually make a lot of sense as a brand for the offering, which is going to feature a BBC iPlayer-like catch-up service, allowing consumers to queue up anything they missed within the last seven or so days.
Sest’s trademark applications also reveal a logo, as well as a possible tag line: “TV has come to its senses.” The latter could possibly relate to the use of sensors to facilitate input and automate content recommendations. Intel Media boss Erik Huggers revealed in February that the company’s set-top box will come with a camera that will be used to recognize who’s watching and recommend content accordingly.
An Intel spokesperson declined to comment when contacted for this story.