Nokia’s top-notch Pro Camera app for Lumia 1020 will land on all PureView phones

The impressive Pro Camera app Nokia developed for its Lumia 1020 will become available for a limited number of other Lumia devices. Nokia(s nok) announced its plans for the software¬†after Thursday’s Lumia 1020 launch, saying the Lumia 900, 925 and 928 handsets are the target phones. These will see the Pro Camera app, which provides advanced camera controls because the phones have similar PureView technology inside.
After a few minutes of hands-on time with the new Pro Camera app, I think this is a smart move by Nokia. The user interface is unlike any other camera software on a handset and it provides many DSLR-like controls: Shutter speed, white balance, ISO, Exposure Value and the ability to focus manually. The settings are arranged in concentric arcs and the handset shows a preview result of any setting changes in real-time. You’ll know exactly what your photo will look like before you take it, as a result.
In the case of the Lumia 1020, the handset captures two photos at the same time: Images in both 38 and 5 megapixels. With the higher resolution photo, you can then zoom in significantly and still see fine details. Because the Lumia 900 series doesn’t have the same sensor, these devices won’t get the same ability. Still, the software controls will allow for much better potential images with a fine degree of control.
The software could also help photo enthusiasts become better photographers on a dedicated camera with manual controls. With the real-time visual updates when changing settings, Lumia owners will start to understand how manual camera settings work.