Another one bites the dust: Bogomil Balkansky leaves VMware

Bogomil Balkansky, who had been senior vice president of VMware’s (s vmw) cloud infrastructure products, has apparently left the company, according to his LinkedIn profile and sources close to the company. His corporate bio has also been removed from VMware’s web site. Sources say that Balkansky has joined VMware co-founder Diane Greene’s stealthy and as-yet-unnamed startup. Greene mentioned this effort in passing last month when she discussed her investment in Cumulus Networks.
vmwarelogoThis is just the latest of a flow of VMware execs heading for the exits, some because their products were deemed non-core to the company’s new enterprise cloud efforts. Last week, we reported that Rick Jackson, previously VMware’s CMO, now has that title at Rackspace and Scott Musson, former director of global alliances, is now VP of Global Alliances at Red Hat . Prior to that Javier Soltero and Kevin Henrikson, who focused on SpringSource and Zimbra respectively, left. SpringSource went over to Pivotal and Zimbra was just sold off to Telligent. Some also followed former CEO Paul Maritz to the Pivotal spinoff. 
While some of this attrition is to be expected given VMware’s new focus on its enterprise cloud offerings, there is also a feeling that VMware is at a critical juncture. Its core hypervisor business is under pressure from increasingly capable (and cheaper) competitors — Microsoft (s msft) Hyper-V and KVM, which is backed by Red Hat (s rhat).
In addition, vCloud Director hasn’t set the world on fire among hosting companies, telcos and cloud providers who also see cheaper virtualization and management options. And the big service providers that used to be among VMware’s tightest collaborators now see that looming VMware cloud as another competitive threat.
I’ve reached out to VMware and to Balkansky for comment and will update this story as needed.
Update: A VMware spokesman confirmed that Balkansky left the company last month and that John Gilmartin, who had been VP of VMware’s storage business,  has been named VP of cloud infrastructure products.
In a statement, the spokesman said:

“During his more than seven years at VMware, Bogomil Balkansky  has been instrumental in driving key parts of the company’s strategy, including helping to establish VMware’s ubiquitous vSphere franchise and leading significant growth in the cloud infrastructure and management businesses. Bogomil has been a driving force behind VMware’s product efforts since the day he started working here, and we thank him for his contributions.”

This story was updated at 9:22 a.m. PDT July 15, 2013 with VMware’s statement.