Meet the companies accepted into the first Google for Entrepreneurs program

Google’s effort to cultivate startups across the globe, Google for Entrepreneurs, is inviting eight startups to co-work in Silicon Valley for two weeks.
The program, which will start next week, enables the leaders of those companies to live and work together in the “Blackbox Mansion,” a large house in Atherton near Palo Alto. The startup executives will learn how to pitch their project to a global audience, hear tips from founders about starting businesses, and even get face time with influential VCs. Google itself picked the companies for the program.
Blackbox Connect is an accelerator that has hosting companies from different parts of the world since 2011. Google for Entrepreneurs, which launched in September, offers programs, partnerships with coworking spaces, online courses and Google products to startups in 110 countries.
Here is a bit about the companies that were picked for the program:
Inpris (from Campus Tel Aviv in Israel)
A father-son team developed Inpris, which is an ergonomic touch-screen keyboard that relies on a series of specific gestures to type on a tablet. The product promises a more efficient typing experience, as well as braille typing for the blind to tablets.
Melusyn (from Le Camping in France)
Online, iOS and Android app Melusyn is a project management app specifically tailored to production teams for plays and movies. Users are able to catalog tasks, inspirations and locations within the app, and tag them accordingly (not unlike how business teams use BaseCamp). Everything is synced across all devices, offering real-time updates for teams on the move.
Avocarrot (from Campus London in U.K.)
Avocarrot serves mobile app ads that monitor engagement and offer targeted rewards to users. The real rewards can also be linked to in-game badges or achievements, offering an enhanced gamification system for companies. ///
EgzoTech (from the Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow Program in Poland)
Developed for those who suffer from muscle disabilities, MS, and other muscle atrophy conditions, EgzoTech offers muscle conditioning for physical therapy and recovery programs. The robotic system guides and adjusts a part of the body with low muscle tone to move along a single axis, adjusting pressure over time to help patients recover more quickly.
Eyedeus Labs (from [email protected] in Pakistan)
This Pakistani startup’s product Groopic is a mobile application that automatically inserts the photographer into the photo he or she is taking by combining two separate photos. Once the photographer has taken the first picture, a second photographer can match up the previous watermarked shot and take a new photo. After both photographers are selected, Groopic combines the photos into one.
TunaCode (from [email protected] in Pakistan)
Aimed at code hackers and developers, TunaCode’s first product, CuviLib, enables programmers to offer accelerated image and video processing for websites. The company has since rolled out Gkyrpt, a military encryption code that allows secure information transfer. It also offers coding consultations for private and government websites.
Instabug (from Flat6Labs in Egypt)
Instabug offers developers a bug reporting app for mobile software that in beta. It swaps out traditional email-based bug reports for a screenshot-based platform that enables a user to simply shake the phone to report a bug. The app then offers drawing and texting tools to help users identify bugs, and pertinent information is captured immediately and sent to developers.
MyDoorHandle (from 88mph in South Africa)
Focused on the rapidly expanding cities in South Africa, MyDoorHandle is a mobile app that enables users within urban areas to show others where a home, workplace or other landmark is by dropping and sending pins via social media or text. Recipients would then be able to see the location in context of other roads, rather than relying on outdated maps.