Post-Google, Frommer’s will publish print guidebooks again

Last August, Google (s GOOG) acquired travel guide brand Frommer’s from publisher Wiley for $23 million — and then, not surprisingly, decided to stop publishing the guides as print books. Arthur Frommer, the brand’s 83-year-old founder, didn’t like that, and in April he bought Frommer’s back from Google with a promise to bring the guides back to life in print.
Now that is happening: Arthur Frommer’s new publishing division, FrommerMedia, will publish the guidebooks in print again this fall, distributed by Publishers Group West, theĀ New York Times reports.
According to the story:

“By the end of 2014, Mr. Frommer expects to release as many as 80 books. Mr. Frommer and his daughter, Pauline, will be co-presidents of the company. A new series, called EasyGuides, are an answer to the increasingly lengthy travel guides on the market that Mr. Frommer said were too long to be practical.”

It’s unclear what FrommerMedia’s digital strategy is going to be, if there is one; not surprisingly, travel guide sales have suffered in the face of competition from free online sources. Google kept all of Frommer’s social media accounts when it sold the brand back. The photo illustrating this post is from an iPad (s AAPL) version of one of Frommer’s guidebooks, published through Inkling. I asked Frommer’s about its digital strategy and whether the Inkling partnership will continue, but Pauline Frommer told me, “We’re not commenting on this part of the business right now.”