Seven years of tweeting

I didn’t even realize it till this morning when Twopcharts told me that today was my 7th Twitter birthday. (We celebrated another 7th anniversary recently.)
Twitter started for me after a chat with Noah Glass, who helped me sign up on my Nokia E61. Since then the company has gone from me being SMS to web & internet centric. It has become the news network of the planet and has proved be extremely resilient and adaptable as a company. It is a great story — and I hope we will learn more from Nick Bilton’s book on twitter which comes out later this year.

The list of everyday technology services that I am thankful for is very short. And Twitter ranks right up there with WordPress, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Google and Google Maps. Of course, like all companies it has changed — hardened perhaps, because of the economic realities that come from raising venture capital and building a business. They might not do all the right things, but they do some right things and that is rare in today’s world where your data is someone else’s billions.
There was a time when I knew everyone at Twitter — these days I don’t know many people at the company. I stay in touch with the founders and early team members, many of whom are are all doing their own thing.
Sometimes while it feels as if Twitter might have lost that loving feeling, but I have not stopped loving Twitter and probably won’t — it is more important to me than any news network or a wire service or any newspaper. Human, flawed, chaotic, raw, ugly, beautiful, wrong, right, emotional, argumentative, frustrating and deeply satisfying — that is what Twitter is. Just like the world it is supposed to mirror.
Some stats: I have tweeted about 32,531 times and tweet about 12.5 times a day. And by perchance you are interested in following me on Twitter, you can — I am @om.