Schedule released for Structure:Europe this September

In September GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference will advance the conversation surrounding cloud innovation and implementation in Europe.

The diverse set of actors at play in Europe range from federated science clouds to savvy upstarts with Amazon and Rackspace in their sights. We’ve just published our initial list of speakers and panel discussions: Take a look.

Federated computing: government concerns and nationalized clouds

Speakers from CERN, the European Space Agency and the U.K. Open Data initiative will discuss their approaches to building federated clouds for scientific purposes. Tim Bell of CERN will share his experience building on OpenStack, and Nigel Beighton of Rackspace U.K. will share how his company is navigating data regulations and restrictions for large-scale deployments.

Data privacy: Will PRISM stall cloud advancement or spur greater interest?

The latest headlines from Europe detail reactions to PRISM, the United States’ civilian surveillance program. Web services from U.S.-based enterprises have been denounced and citizens warned to guard their data securely. Will these rising concerns directly impact the progress of cloud deployments in Europe? Though suspicion is on the rise, investments are still moving forward.

Companies such as Turner Media will discuss their cloud experience and challenges, and cloud brokerages such as Strategic Blue and 6fusion will share firsthand accounts of the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead.

Be part of the conversation and set the pace for cloud growth in Europe. Register today.