Cloud computing sees more growth in UAE

A global survey shows the “cloud computing market in the UAE is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 43.7% until 2016. The findings are based on responses of 1,750 IT decision-makers, who participated in a survey by Brocade, a leading networking vendor.”
This is not the first such survey from Brocade that shows growth in the UAE, and they obviously have a “dog in the hunt.”   However, their data points seem to line up with mine.
The survey indicates that spending on cloud computing by emerging markets will climb from 13 percent in 2011 to 24.9 percent in 2016.  “Majority of the respondents (91%) stated that their current IT infrastructures were not equipped to meet the demands of cloud computing and virtualization.”
This should not come as a surprise to those who known the UAE market, and that leveraging new technology as a follow on to the US and European markets is a common pattern.  However, in many instances, this means the UAE will have to leverage cloud from the US, at least, initially.  It will be interesting to see if that hinders adoption by the more conservative companies.