Even women who aren’t engaged are saving wedding pics on Pinterest

We all know that Pinterest is full of aspirational photos of things you might not be purchasing anytime in the near future. Now there’s some new proof.
A new study co-sponsored by The Knot and Pinterest found that 91 percent of the two site’s users who are engaged or recently married looked at photos to plan their weddings — not a very surprising statistic. But a remarkable one-third of those users were planning weddings and saving photos online, even before they had a ring.
The study, which surveyed 1,000 female users of the two sites (Pinterest is the popular photo-saving site, and The Knot is one of the largest online wedding planning sites), found that visual inspiration on the web plays a huge role in how people interact with the wedding industry. Here are some other findings from the study:

  • Pinning photos of weddings isn’t limited to brides-to-be: One-third of the brides looked at and saved wedding photos online before they got engaged, and 31 percent at least browsed photos before getting engaged.
  • The most popular photos that people are looking for are pictures of reception decor, followed by photos of wedding dresses.
  • Even though 46 percent searched hundreds of photos of wedding dresses, and 9 percent looked at thousands of photos, only 14 percent of women said they bought the exact dress they found online.

There’s no doubt that Pinterest, which now counts 15 percent of online adults as users, is having a big impact on the industry. And with the wedding industry a major target for spending each year (in 2012 couples spent an average of $28,427 on weddings, $1,211 on the dress, and $12,905 on venues), figuring out how this visual culture affects the industry could have significant financial implications for the sector.