Medical second opinion startup ConsultingMD gets a new name as it expands into new products

Just about a year after launching, digital health startup ConsultingMD is ready to hang up its founding name and try a on new moniker for size. On Wednesday, the company, which was started by a co-founder of, said that it would now be known as Grand Rounds.
The company, which raised $10 million in venture funding a few months ago, initially launched to enable patients to seek second opinions from a network of the country’s top specialists. But, with its most recent product, the startup will locate and schedule a priority appointment with a top specialist in a patient’s area, as well as take care of delivering all of the necessary medical records.
“When we looked at our entire product roadmap, we knew that we needed a container that would allow us to capture all of the aspects of expert medicine,” said co-founder and CEO Owen Tripp.
The new name refers to the medical tradition of inviting leading professors to visit hospitals and medical schools to lecture on their research. And, Tripp said, it’s meant to reflect the company’s broad focus on providing access to top-notch care.
In a very general sense, Grand Rounds is somewhat like startups ZocDoc and HealthTap in that it makes it easier for patients to connect with medical providers. But, arguing that top specialists lead to top outcomes, the startup is uber focused on elite care – and its price tag reflects that.  The company’s website says a second opinion costs $3,750 (although it believes its bigger opportunity is by offering the service to employers looking for a way to help their employees get better outcomes).