New from Google App Engine just for your busy application: Dedicated memcache

If you’re a developer needing fast query performance for your applications, Google(S goog) App Engine now has a deal for you. The just-released GAE 1.8.2 version includes a preview of dedicated memcache for just that sort of use case.
Memcache is a distributed object store that puts frequently accessed data in memory to ensure that it’s available fast to applications that need it.
GAE already offered shared memcache as a default but dedicated memcache assigns “a fixed cache capacity exclusively to your application,” and is billed per the GB/hour of cache size, according to Google.
The charge for this service will be 12 cents per GB per hour.
Google continues to push GAE as a for-real Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is not just a sideline to the company’s bread-and-butter internet search business. In that realm it competes with Microsoft’s Windows Azure, which (I think) offers dedicated Memcache but I’m checking into that and will update this story as appropriate.
Update: Azure does offer dedicated memcache.
This story was updated at 6:40 p.m. PDT July 17 with more information on Azure’s memcache support.