The GigaOM Show: Emmy picks Netflix, Bill Gates’ future fix and Elon Musk science kicks

It was a big week for NewTeeVee, as we used to call it. From Netflix (s NFLX) getting Emmy nominations to Apple (s APPL) and Aereo news, we discuss the big changes TV is going through. From the future of TV we move to the future of… many things, courtesy of elder statesman Bill Gates. And finally we delve into another science segment to talk about graphene and how awesome Elon Musk is.
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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Janko Roettgers, Derrick Harris, Signe Brewster
Netflix’s Emmy noms.
Aereo winning in court, again.
Bill Gates on education and more.
Graphene explained. The Hyperloop, speculated.