You can now play any video on your iPhone and iPad

Two years is a long time to wait. In 2011, Apple unceremoniously pulled the popular VLC Media Player from iTunes because of a licensing dispute. It was a blow to people to used the player to watch content on their Apple devices whether or not it had been converted to an Apple-friendly file type.
Now the player is  back on iTunes. The app not only syncs with the iTunes library to find files compatible for playing but also supports downloading direct from a URL, Wi-Fi sync and a connection with Dropbox to access videos in the cloud. With the ability to read any video codec, Apple users will finally be able to enjoy videos that have been unplayable due to lack of support for Flash and other video files.
The app supports multi-track audio (including 5.1) and subtitles, so the movies will sound as good as they look. It also comes with AirPlay integration, so users with Apple TV will be able to play their movies directly on the television. The result is a completely open video media player that takes advantage of the connectedness of iDevices.
The best part, of course, is that there’s no more licensing dispute. According to VideoLAN, the non-profit company responsible for the tech behind the VLC player, the app has a Mozilla Public License v2 that allows for distribution in the iTunes App Store.