ICYMI Podcasts: Netflix Emmy nods and shopping sensors are caught in the Hyperloop!

And the Emmy goes to….. Netflix(s nflx)? Janko Roettgers discusses the possibility on our GigaOM Weekly WrapUp show while Derrick Harris shares the thoughts of Bill Gates, who spoke about the future of education at Microsoft’s Faculty Summit on Monday. Joining the boys this week is Signe Brewster to discuss the potentially folly, and promise, of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop transportation solution.
On this week’s Internet of Things podcast, Stacey Higginbotham chats with Hilmi Ozguc, CEO and co-founder of Swirl, about how retail customers can be tracked in stores with their smartphones. The idea may sound creepy but it can actually help customers get what they want. Sensors in stores can also be used; Ozguc explains how.
Chris Albrecht and Kevin Tofel have a lengthy discussion on this week’s GigaOM Chrome Show on the similarities and differences between Chromebooks of today and netbooks of yesterday. Will they share the same fate? A new Chrome extension for Android phone owners is uncovered: You can get the phone alerts of your choosing right in your browser!
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