OpenStack kicks off year 3; Dell deal in deep doo-doo: The week in cloud

OpenStack birthday isn’t all sweetness and light

openstacklogolongI’ve never seen a group of vendors so obsessed with a birthday, but that’s the case with OpenStack which turned 3 last week. Not everyone was so glowing in their assessment of the open-source cloud infrastructure, which, after all is being tweaked by more than a dozen companies. The fear has always been all that so-called “value-add” will introduce inconsistencies and — gasp — interoperability issues. Simon Wardley weighed in with his own none-too-rosy view — that the “potential of OpenStack has been squandered by a heady mix of marketing and poor strategic play.”
Chief among his beefs with OpenStacksis that the project itself is not focused on interoperability with Amazon Web Services — the elephant in the room when it comes to any cloud computing discussion. Some Openstack players– including Cloudscaling which Wardley advises — are pursuing AWS compatibility with laser-like intensity. Others (ahem, Rackspace(s rax)) are not. And that’s a big problem in a world demanding lots of  big AWS clones, according to Wardley.  By the way both Wardley and Cloudscaling CEO Randy Bias will be talking at GigaOM’s Structure: Europe in September so feel free to come and ask them their take on any and all cloud issues.
Here’s how GigaOM covered OpenStack’s first and then second birthday.

VMware’s rough road

VMware's new CEO Pat Gelsinger.

VMware’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger.

When VMware (s vmw) execs discuss the company’s second quarter earnings on Wednesday, they will no doubt focus on successful divestitures of non-core businesses– the latest being Zimbra. But analysts will be looking for signs of traction for its nascent, and core, vCloud Hybrid cloud services effort, although the “early availability release” just came online in June, so it will be too soon to tell. VMware is trying to replicate its success in on-site server virtualization into the cloud where Amazon Web Services reigns in public cloud and VMware faces tough competition from HP  the OpenStack crew and others in private/hybrid deployment models.

Dell deal hits speed bump

dell_logoNot so fast. Dell last week convened, then adjourned, a special shareholders’ meeting that was to vote on the Michael Dell-led $24.4 billion take-private deal, only to reschedule it for July 24.  That was taken as a sign that the deal — opposed by Carl Icahn, Southeastern Asset Management and T. Rowe Price — did not muster enough shareholder support to win.

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