Ex Facebook, Twitter product manager Josh Elman will become full partner at Greylock

Josh Elman, a Silicon Valley investor with a background at companies like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, will become a full partner at Greylock, the firm plans to announce Wednesday.
Elman joined the firm as a principal in September 2011, and has been working with portfolio companies including Netxtdoor, WhoSay and CreativeLive since he joined. Elman was a product manager at Twitter from 2009 to 2011, participating in a significant period of growth for the company. He was a product manager at Facebook from 2008 to 2009, leading the launch of Facebook Connect, and previously he was at Zazzle and LinkedIn (along with the company’s founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman).
Elman said when he went into venture capital, people told him to get ready for an adjustment, but it hasn’t been as big a shift as he imagined.¬†“It’s actually pretty similar to what I did in product management, which was to create opportunities to get excited about.”
Elman has been blogging for Medium recently¬†(writing articles like why asking how companies make money is the wrong question, or why Facebook Home ads show Facebook at its worst.) I asked him why he enjoys writing for Medium, and how it’s changed how he does his job.
“Because my job is now 24-7 meeting interesting people and looking for new opportunities, I have a lot more conversations than I did when I was just working at a company. And, as I have these conversations over and over, instead of starting from the original base of the same¬†conversation, if I can capture that and get it written down, it can move the conversation forward.”