GigaOM Chrome Show: Better betas and a Flipboard type app in new tabs

The Chrome(s goog) OS Beta channel just got a nice update and we explain what’s inside. Not to be outdone by the desktop, Chrome Beta for Android also has a new release and we have a small tip to make it even better. Meanwhile, some well known software titles appeared as Packaged Apps for Chrome: When will others follow?
Our extension of the week is more of an app that helps you track your social networks and catchup on the latest news of interest: Think of Flipboard dating a new blank tab in your Chrome browser. And listen for our last-minute guesses on what Google might announce at this week’s “Breakfast with Sundar” press event.
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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht
What’s in the new Chrome OS Beta channel update
Here’s a Chrome Beta for Android tip to speed up your menu actions
Pocket and Wunderlist join the Packaged Apps army. Who’s next?
Google outs some Cloud Print improvements for all, but especially for Windows(s msft)
Breakfast with Sundar: What’s on the menu?
Extension / App of the week: OneFeed
Update on Android Desktop Notifications: How to remove duplicate alerts