Note to cloud technologies: You’re too complex and you don’t work together.

As reported in Computer Weekly: “Cloud adoption has continued to rise in 2013, but to yield the true benefits of cloud computing its complexity must be reduced and cloud interoperability increased, according to the third Future of Cloud Computing survey.”
The study of 855 IT decision-makers, suppliers, and CIOs was carried out by Venture Partners, GlassHouse Technologies, and GigaOM Research.  The results showed that a wide majority (75%) of respondents used some form of cloud computing. This was 8% more than the 2012 survey.
While there are many reasons for the rise of cloud computing, “the rise in cloud adoption was attributed to the decrease in security fears of cloud-based services.”    Also, there is more awareness of other companies who are successful with cloud computing, and the constant drum beat of “the cloud” by the non-tech and tech media.
The growth of cloud computing from 2012 to 2013 was relatively modest, only 8%. I suspect that this will be more the norm for year-to-year growth, considering that cloud computing technology is becoming mature and more commonplace.