Cord Cutters: A first look at Google’s Chromecast video streaming adapter

Google’s new Chromecast promises to beam videos straight from your tablet, phone or laptop to your TV. Check out this episode of Cord Cutters for some first impressions.

Show notes for this episode:

  • Chromecast is available online for $35. Find out more about the device on the Chromecast website.
  • It looks like the Netfix(s nflx) promotion mentioned in our video isn’t available anymore.
  • Chromecast currently supports streaming from Netflix, YouTube(s goog), Google Play and Pandora, but others have announced that they’re going to support the device as well. Developers can find information about the underlying technology here.
  • Google as been working for some time on establishing a competitor to Apple’s(s aapl) AirPlay. Check out our coverage here.

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