Speakers from GE, Pebble and Karma discuss connected devices at Mobilize

How are these networks going to work, and are today’s network technologies and communications standards up to the task? Who is going to collect, store and manage all  the data my personal internet of things generates? How do we filter, organize and present that information in such a way to make it useful? We’ll tackle topics like these with thought leaders like you at Mobilize:

The rise of the machines: what does GE’s “industrial internet” mean for me?

Energy giant GE has put forth an “industrial internet” initiative to integrate previously unconnected devices into a massive intelligent network of sensors. This network means better data for industries like transportation and energy but also an enormous cost and energy savings by making processes and machines smarter. Bill Ruh of GE will address the potential and the expectations for the industrial internet for both consumers and enterprises.

How are Karma and Open Garden democratizing broadband with social networks?

We live in a stratified broadband world in which we have cheap and plentiful access to broadband at home and at work but limited access to expensive broadband everywhere else. Speakers like Steven van Wel of Karma and Open Garden CEO Micha Benoliel are trying to change that model by focusing on a simple principle: If everyone shared their connections to the internet, everyone can get cheap plentiful access anywhere. We’ll learn just how close we are to a broadband utopia.

These are the questions we’re going to ask at Mobilize. The internet of things is coming. Be prepared for it. Register today.