Hey Rackspace. When considering OpenStack, it’s compatibility over ownership.

Barb Darrow does a great job in fleshing out the OpenStack story around AWS compatibility.  While companies like CloudScaling and Randy Bias want API compatibility, companies such as Rackspace are still pushing their own API as the way to go.
“The issue, in his view, is that Rackspace, which launched OpenStack with NASA more than three years ago, is hurting OpenStack’s cause by dissing AWS APIs and pushing what are in effect Rackspace’s own APIs as OpenStack APIs.”
The issue is that Rackspace is using OpenStack as a way to promote their cloud computing service, and not as a way to support OpenStack.  I’m sure the marketing materials say different, but if OpenStack is to succeed it needs to get along with larger and more dominant players such as AWS.  This means leaving your ego at the door and understanding that you may have to use APIs that you did not create nor own.
Most vendors in the world of OpenStack perhaps think the same way.  They view OpenStack as a competitor to AWS, and thus compatibility should be an afterthought.  However, in the real world, enterprises will leverage many public cloud providers, and if OpenStack compatibility clouds are one of those selected, then they need to get along.