ICYMI podcasts: Chromecast an Apple earnings call from a new Nexus 7. Boom!

Can a $35 HDMI dongle running Chrome OS upend the home media streaming market? That’s the question tackled on GigaOM’s Weekly Wrap Up podcast and after using a Chromecast, Janko Roettgers has the answer. Kevin Tofel has the new Nexus 7 that Google also introduced this week and tells you if it’s a good value. Meanwhile, Erica Ogg shares thoughts on Apple’s latest earnings.
On this week’s Internet of Things podcast, Stacey Higginbotham chats with John Kestner, a designer with Supermechanical. Kestner’s company has a new Kickstarter project for a smart thermometer called Range. It’s a very specific connected device but Kestner thinks it could find a following.
Early in the week, the GigaOM Chrome Show tried to predict what new products Google might announce and also described what’s new in the newest Chrome OS beta. And Windows users got a better Cloud Print tool this week; hear how it works, even without the Chrome browser installed.
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