Instagram update is blocking photos uploaded by third-party apps on Windows Phone

A recent change to Instagram’s (s FB) API may be responsible for blocking photos uploaded through third-party apps on Windows phones, according to the company.
The problem was first noted by Daniel Gary, developer of Instance, an unofficial Windows Phone app that allows you to upload photos to Instagram. Gary noted that photos uploaded to Instagram through Instance were being deleted within seconds. Any links pointing to these images also stopped working.
A spokesperson from Instagram confirmed with The Verge, “We recently made an update to the systems that we use to fight spam to help prevent future attacks and increase security.” So while this doesn’t confirm that Instagram is indeed putting the kibosh on all photos uploaded through third-party apps like Instance, it seems likely. Gary confirmed to The Verge that he was not approved by Instagram and was using their private API. So it isn’t terribly surprising that his app was locked out, but Gary hopes to come to an agreement with the picture-sharing giant.
But this highlights an even bigger problem, which is the continued lack of big-name apps for Windows Phone. The WP app store may now be home to some 165,000 third-party apps, but for every available Netflix, there is a missing Instagram. Even Nokia, arguably the finest manufacturer of Windows phones today, agrees that the lack of apps is a problem.
Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom last month hinted that an Instagram app for Windows Phone is in development, but won’t be ready “anytime soon.”
For now, your best bet is the new Hipstamatic Oggl app, which is using the Instagram API with approval, though it only offers partial Instagram integration.